120 Hour Water Fast Experience

DISCLAIMER! This is not medical advice!!  You should NOT attempt a water fast without first consulting with a professional and receiving medical supervision throughout the fast.  This is video is not a recommendation or guide to fasting. It is purely a journal of my personal experience and is for information and entertainment purposes only.

In this video I’m going to share with you my 120 hours water fast experience.  Why did I do a water fast? Well the more a read about health and longevity, the more I keep coming across the benefits of fasting.  Some of these fasting benefits I want to try and experience myself; things like increasing insulin sensitivity, reducing inflammation, mitochondrial biogenesis and potentially even stem cell growth.  

The one I’m really interested in is something called autophagy. Autophagy is basically where the body starts to clear away damaged and even pre cancer cells.  Personally, I haven’t been able to find the length of time you need to fast for to trigger autography, but I do believe it takes about four days.

So for 120 hours I ate no food and drank nothing but water!  I have documented this fasting experience in quite a lot of detail, and share all the highs and lows.

At one point in the video, I talk about how I feel very cold.  I’ve since learned this is just the body’s way of persevering energy.  The longer you fast, the more non essential functions start to shut down to really ration the available energy.

At this point I take a hot bath.  Again, I’ve since learned that taking hot showers or baths can be quite dangerous for some people, but we are talking the extreme minority!  Luckily I was fine and it definitely made me feel better in the moment.

The whole experience was very mentally challenging.  It’s really hard to not eat; more because of the habit than that you are really hungry.  I didn’t get any headaches (even with no coffee, and I’m a caffeine addict!) and I believe that is down to the preparation I did as I entered ketosis about a week before.

I lost about 5kg in total but I believe a lot of this was water (as well as fat).  I looked pretty gaunt by the end of the fast but I noticed after another week of eating I looked really vibrant.

I will definitely do it again but I will definitely do it with a friend again!