Just drinking water may not be enough to fully hydrate your cells

Zach Bush M.D (author of Eat Dirt) argues that the foundation of health is our hydration level. We all know that it’s important to drink water right? Well, according to Dr Bush it’s not enough to get water into our bodies, we need to get it into our cells. It turns out that water is unrivalled in its ability to get toxins and oxidants out of our cells (often referred to as ‘scrubbing’ the cells).


The trick is, the water needs to be in the cell to do this. Getting water from our vasculature (or system of veins) into our cells is something we can all do but as it seems our ability to do this diminishes as we get older.

How do we get more water into our cells? A few strategies that Dr Bush talks about are drinking electrolyte water, reducing EMF exposure, eating fibre, improving gut health and having float tank baths using Epsom salt.


I’m really intrigued by this especially as these strategies have been shown to improve a marker called ‘phase angle’. Phase angle can measure the amount of water in your cells but many people say it’s one of the best measurements of overall health. Phase angel takes months of intervention to change (e.g. a poor night’s sleep will not impact it) so it be a powerful way to track your wellness.